The Pixie Week Balloon Wall Of 2011

For one week each quarter, the women participate in a strange ritual known as pixie week, terrorizing the men with crazy nightly events. Just when the men are about to snap (Friday night), the women disappear on some sort of adventure away from the house, creating the perfect opportunity for revenge from the men's house. Little did the women know, but the men had been preparing for several days, blowing up hundreds of balloons and stashing them in an empty room on the 3rd floor. When the women finally left the house unguarded, the men sprang into action building a brilliant cardboard ramp between windows across the houses to be efficient. Saran Wrap was used to create a wall at the bottom of the stairs, and balloons were piled up behind them until both stairways were filled with balloons. Men had to use the fire escape to get down from the upper decks, but the only way to get in was through a wall of balloons. The prank was received well and the ensuing balloon fights were a great way to end the week!

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