The Great Fire Alarm Prank Of 2010

After a series of pranks exchanged between both houses, it was finally time for a strong act of retaliation against the women's house. Several house-wide brainstorming sessions brought to light that one of the guys had several cheap door alarms made of two detachable pieces that beep loudly when separated. Several students spent a few hours sealing the batteries shut and the switch to "on" using super glue; now when the pieces separated, there was nothing stopping one end from blaring loudly. Strings were carefully tied to the detachable side of the alarms.

At precisely 4:00 AM on a Saturday morning, 10 brave men decked out in black clothes snuck into the women's house and strategically taped the devices in the highest corners of the women's halls using stools from the kitchen. After hiding said stools, the men flawlessly executed the prank. Systematically, the strings were pulled from the 3rd floor down and the men ran for their lives, escaping without a trace. Well… except for the blaring alarms that woke up the house.

Anticipating an angry mob retaliation, the men manned the house's water cannon. Instead of an attack, two women ran outside to escape the "fire" and thought the men were being so nice trying to put out the fire with their water cannon, despite "accidentally" soaking them as they ran outside. Meanwhile inside the house a sound recorder was hidden in the cushions of a couch in the foyer, verifying that it took 20 minutes for them to silence the alarms and recording nearly 30 minutes of post-prank conversation about "those mean boys". Harsh, but true…

Note from the women's house: Unfortunately, the men failed to take into account several things. First of all, the prank was at 4:00 AM on a Wednesday/Thursday the week before finals. Second of all, one of the woman who ran outside had been awake because she was very ill. Also, the retaliation was for a prank that the women's house had intented to be funny (The Early Christmas Prank of 2009). This prank had actually been preceded by retaliation from the men (they got wind of it and took precautionary measures). Due to that, the girls thought that the boys were actually mad at them for the original prank. After talking it through, the men's house apologized. It was a lesson learned in forgiveness, judging the appropriateness of a prank, the soundness of some sleepers, and that 4:00 AM can be a very bad time to take a bubble bath.

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