student officers

Each house has six student officers, elected by the other students. They serve a term from spring quarter to winter quarter the following year, acting as leaders in the house. These students are the heart of the house and steer activities while serving their fellow students. The respective officers in each house work closely with one another to foster unity between the houses. Students are supported by a respective set of alumni officers.


The president is responsible for relations between houses and within each house, while managing some operational aspects of the house such as running meetings and enforcing rules. If any two students are having problems, the president is must work with both people to find a solution for the situation. Two weekly meetings are organized by the president - an officer meeting to discuss leadership plans, and a business meeting with all students present.

List of men presidents:

Name Years Hometown
Thomas Weldy 2016-2017
Joshua Shackleford 2016-2017
Tim Roetcisoender 2015-2016 Kirkland, WA
Stephen Ker 2014-2015 Bellevue, WA
Matt McClenny 2012-2014 Brier, WA
Jonathan Whiting 2010-2012 Kirkland, WA
Daniel Cloes 2009-2010 Redmond, WA
Zach Sanford 2008-2009 Woodinville, WA
David Linders 2006-2008 Bothell, WA
Aaron Kuhns 2005-2006 Bremerton, WA
Tim VanOss 2005-2006 Seattle, WA
Jon Rodman 2004-2005 Bremerton, WA
Peter Lane 2003-2004 Cheney, WA
Paul Henricks 2002-2003 Vancouver, WA
Jon Moor 2001-2002 Seattle, WA
Kyle Corrigen 2000-2001 Vancouver, WA

List of women presidents:

Name Years Hometown
Kira Murillo 2017-2018
Martha Quigg 2015-2016 Bothell, WA
Jessica Cooper 2014-2015 Olympia, WA
Katelyn Bristow 2013-2014 Oak Harbor, WA
Mackenzie Meier 2012-2013 Mukilteo, WA
Laura Fairbrook 2011-2012 Yakima, WA
Hannah Ohnstad 2010-2011 Sequim, WA
Karin Asplund 2009-2010 Wenatchee, WA
Stacy Kallander 2008-2009
Linnell Pitt 2007-2008
Katherine Dial 2006-2007

Vice President

The vice president is responsible for the spiritual atmosphere of the house. They help organize the weekly bible study and worship, plan various community service opportunities, and meet directly with students that are struggling with their faith. At a very liberal university in a very liberal city, keeping your faith strong is difficult, which is why this position is extremely important.

List of men vice presidents:

Name Years Hometown
Taylor Moreno 2017-2018
Garret Esko 2016-2017
Garrett Newman 2015-2016 Camas, WA
Brad Skalstad 2014-2015 Spokane, WA
Erick Berry 2013-2014 Kirkland, WA
Nelson Hall 2012-2013 Everett, WA
Andrew Najjar 2011-2012 Seattle, WA
Spencer Johnson 2010-2011 Kent, WA
Kyle Dunn 2009-2010 Bear Creek, WA

List of women vice presidents:

Name Years Hometown
Christa Mattocks 2017-2018
Joy Clark 2016-2017
Brynn Fraser 2015-2016 Edmonds, WA
Katie Harrylock 2014-2015 Seattle, WA
Briauna Azer 2013-2014 Mercer Island, WA
Rachel O'Dell 2012-2013 Hockinson, WA
Kendra Sowers 2010-2011 Bothell, WA
Rachel Oberto 2008-2010
Stacy Kallander 2007-2008
Sarah "Serrah" Russell 2006-2007

House Manager

The house manager is responsible for managing chores and keeping the house clean and fixed. When things break, this person can work with the alumni house manager to fix just about anything. Every quarter both houses participate in a work day to deep clean the house, and the whole operation is organized and managed by the house managers. House managers also assign chores and ensure that they are completed to their satisfaction.

List of men house managers:

Name Years Hometown
Keenan Boudon 2017-2018
Ben Cashdollar 2015-2016 Edmonds, WA
Chris Hunter 2014-2015 Kent, WA
Carson Baker 2012-2014 Woodinville, WA
Ben Swarner 2011-2012 SeaTac, WA
Mitch Larsen 2010-2011 Fairwood, WA
Steven Reeber 2009-2010 Mountlake Terrace, WA
Jim Cairns 2006-2007 Seattle, WA

List of women house managers:

Name Years Hometown
Elly Cashdollar 2017-2018
Kenzie Gallaher 2014-2015 Manson, WA
Megan Sax 2013-2014 Richland, WA
Stacie Larsen 2012-2013 Renton, WA
Lisa Christensen 2011-2012 Renton, WA
Esther Tkacz 2010-2011 Yakima, WA
Alison Sprague 2007-2009 Olympia, WA
Sarah Jeglum 2006-2007
Katherine Dial 2005-2006

Social Chairs

The social chairs are responsible for making the house exciting and planning some awesome events such as the house socials, the Halloween Dance, Week of Man, Week of Woman, Pixie Week, etc. In addition to the planned yearly events, these individuals might suddenly spring unexpected movie nights and game nights on the house. The house is also heavily involved in UW intramural sports, as organized by the social chairs. Until 2012, the men's house had only one social chair and instead had separate positions for secretary and treasurer.

List of men social chairs:

Name Years Hometown
Conley Wright 2017-2018
James Itaya 2015-2016 Clinton, WA
Beau Butaud 2013-2015 Bothell, WA
Cassius Butcher 2012-2013 Auburn, WA
Joseph LaNasa 2010-2012 San Diego, CA
Jonathan Whiting 2009-2010 Kirkland, WA
Matt Rogers 2008-2009 Bothell, WA
Alex Mason 2007-2008

List of women social chairs:

Name Years Hometown
Sarah Rodgers 2017-2018
Megan Cooper 2015-2016 Burien, WA
Taryn Miyaoka 2014-2015 Shoreline, WA
Bonnie Beam & Sarah Harper 2013-2014 Shoreline, WA & Kent, WA
Katelyn Bristow & Tessa Tedeschi 2012-2013 Oak Harbor, WA & Woodinville, WA
Katie Barrett & Janelle Paxton 2011-2012 Naches, WA & Bellingham, WA
Abby Burton 2010-2011 Renton, WA
Emily VanOss & Anna St. Hilaire 2008-2009 Shoreline, WA & White Swan, WA
Morgan Stewart & Krista Gibbon 2007-2008 & Renton, WA
Jaci Jensen 2007
Linnea Grob 2006-2007
Linnell Pitt 2005-2006


The secretary/treasurer are in charge of an assortment of tasks that differs for each house. In general, they collect house dues and social dues (an amount set by the students) and manage how the social dues are spent, working closely with the social chairs. Notes are also compiled for the business meeting and records kept of happenings. Before 2012, the men's house had separate positions for secretary and treasurer.

List of men secretaries/treasurers (joint position as of 2013):

Name Years Hometown
Colby Steich 2017-2018
Zach Frohardt 2015-2016 Lynnwood, WA
Parker Johnson 2014-2015 Kent, WA
Stephen Ker 2013-2014 Bellevue, WA
Ben Davidson 2013 Bonney Lake, WA

List of men secretaries:

Name Years Hometown
Ben Davidson 2012-2013 Bonney Lake, WA
Drew Pearson 2010-2012 San Diego, CA
Patrick Hannan 2009-2010 Allyn, WA
Josh Tom 2008-2009 Bothell, WA
Lorne Arnold 2007-2008 Tacoma, WA
Josh Tom 2006-2007 Bothell, WA

List of men treasurers:

Name Years Hometown
Paul Harris 2012-2013 Auburn, WA
Tim Sjoquist 2010-2012 Seattle, WA
Jared Knutzen 2009-2010 Bonney Lake, WA
Nathan Sjoquist 2008-2009 Seattle, WA
Zach Sanford 2006-2008
Ryan Anderson 2005-2006

List of women secretaries/treasurers:

Name Years Hometown
Katie Roetscisoender 2017-2018 Kirkland, WA
Nicole Lommers 2015-2016 Kennewick, WA
Anna McClenny 2014-2015 Brier, WA
Jessica Cooper 2013-2014 Olympia, WA
Briauna Azer 2012-2013 Mercer Island, WA
Allyson Kim 2011-2012 Shoreline, WA
Lauresa Smith 2010-2011 Edmonds, WA
Margena Knutson 2009-2010 Yakima, WA
Stacy Kallander 2008-2009
Lauren Garvin 2006-2007
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