Pixie Week Fort 2007

Every year, the women's house has a Christmas Pixie Week consisting of various festivities. The most highly anticipated one is the last Friday of the week, when the women would all have a sleepover at a girl's parent's house. This day is anticipated by the men, because it means they have a chance to set up some pranks for the women's house..

This year, the women devised a few booby traps in order to keep the boys on their toes. Several girls bought scandalous-looking underwear and put it on their doorknobs. Then the ladies rigged the fire door on third deck with a second fire door right behind it. They filled the space between the two with a fun house ball pit and an attractive picture of Steven Spielberg. The men were not long deterred.

The main surprise this year was that the men made a huge blanket fort throughout the main floor of the women's house. They even incorporated the fun house balls into a ball pit. The women were a little bit reluctant to tear it down, and even the guys wanted to hang out in it. Other prank highlights from this year included a stairway full of desk chairs, the hanging of shower drain hair as mistletoe, creative decorating involving stuffed animals, TPing of the bathroom, Christmas lights throughout one bedroom, modern art sculptures made from fire escape ladders, a Post-It note wallpapering, a closet set up as a shower, and a potato in the back of the toilet.

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