Murder Mystery Surprise 2008

Early one morning in January 2008, the men's house woke up to a surprise: A crime scene at the base of the stairs! The following note was posted at the scene:

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to investigate a mysterious death. If you should choose not to accept it, well… Then… Too bad for you. And you’re fired. *insert Donald Trump hand motion here* The following is what I got out of the official police report. Good luck detectives, you’re the best we’ve got. We’re counting on you… And all that cliché stuff.
~Police Captain Stan Sheriff
P.S. This message will self-destruct when it feels like it.

Late on the eve of 14 January 2008, your investigation squad is called in to investigate a suspicious death. The demise occurred at the Covington Estate, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Al Covington.
On this particular night, the Covingtons were hosting a dinner party at their South House (UCU Women’s), when a shout was heard coming from their North house (UCU Men’s). An inebriated guest had been wandering aimlessly through the estate when he stumbled across a body. Literally.
So as it usually goes, there was much running about, screaming, checking of the victim’s pockets for cash, and the like, until someone suggested calling 911. Immediately, the police were summoned, the crime scene was cordoned off, and the body was wheeled away to the coroner’s before you could say, “Hey, a dead guy!”
Mr. Covington was called in to identify the body. He recognized the deceased as a Mr. J. Tom, who had formerly served as his pool boy. Mr. Tom had quit his previous job for unknown reasons. In fact, it had been quite the scandal.

Anyways, the autopsy report stated that Mr. Tom had died only about two hours before the sudden discovery of his body. He died from a blunt force trauma to the cranium, but was also covered with various cuts and bruises. A struggle is suspected, but the weapon remains unknown.
As of right now, the entire Covington Estate staff and all of the dinner party guests are listed as suspects. The true motive remains elusive, although the departments have speculations for each of the suspects.

So that’s it detectives, get out there and interview the staff and guests. I suggest you work in groups. Upon solving the case, you shall receive your payment, but not until then. Good luck! And don’t forget that you can interview suspects more than once.

Attached to this police notice were a list of motives for each man in the house (i.e. "Was secretly taking ballet lessons. Mr. Tom found out.") as well as potential murder weapons (i.e. a bowl of cherry goo). After Monday night business meeting, the women's house members dressed up as various workers of the fake estate, and the men questioned them thoroughly to find the truth behind the murder. The reward? S'mores bars!

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