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A house as old as this one is chalk full of history and has undergone countless remodels and updates, while still trying to preserve the original Tudor theme of the house. A rather unique aspect of living here is that rooms and roommates change every quarter; students have created an effective system that ensures equal spread of "good" rooms. Point values were assigned to each room based on a combination of square footage and general preference, and the combined point values for paired roommates from the previous quarter determine the picking order. This ensures that a student living in a small room one quarter will have first pick the next time around.

Rooms used to be referred to based on a numbered system until they were replaced with the names we know and love today. Name changes are possible if voted on unanimously or with over 50% approval after a student has lived in the same room for five quarters. These systems establish the basis for an exciting stay at UCU.


These drawings were created by David Linders.


1 - Fox Den

As one of the smallest rooms, this room has two lofted beds, one of which is tightly pushed in a corner near the closet. The desks are located under the beds, allowing plenty of room to move around, though tall residents should watch their heads as with all lofted beds. A deep closet also provides decent storage for larger items. It is named Fox Den because it only has one small window off to the side of the room.

Fox Den got its name in Fall 2018, when it had been formerly known as Fort. Some say it was because one time plywood was used to connect the beds like a raised fortress. It also fit with an old name of Nidavellir, which had once been called Watchtower back in the 2000s or so.

2 - Arkham

A comfortable room tucked away in the quiet of the third floor, in stark contrast to the constant traffic outside of the north-east corner of the house. There is plenty of space for desks and furniture in a variety of layouts, and a deep closet for decent storage of larger items. It has one of two exits to the fire escape though a larger window, providing entertainment during third decking.

From Spring 2012 through Fall 2014, this room was known as Seaworthy. It was then known as Bauer until it was renamed in Fall 2018.

3 - Nidavellir

This room is nearly identical to Arkham, sporting a fire escape window and plenty of space for furniture and storage. Much of the social aspects of this room are associated with the two neighboring rooms, which all face one another to allow for great conversations across the hall. It was once called Watchtower, and then Upper Deck (by a baseball fan), and then Allegro (by a fan of a certain cafe) up until Fall of '19. The DC/Marvel reference shared between this room and Arkham is entirely coincidental.

4 - Dragon's Lair

The biggest appeal to this room is the giant walk-in closet hidden behind a bookshelf door. The name was adopted in 2011 by a resident (Andy Hendrickson) who absolutely loved dragons, previously being named the Duck. This was because before 2006, lofted beds forced residents to duck to enter the room, which were later replaced with raised desks on platforms with a bed underneath until 2013 when a bunk bed was added.

5 - Palace

This luxurious suite on the upper North-West corner of the house just happens to be the largest room in the house, enjoying the quiet of the neighboring church with brief forays of Greeks returning from the Ave. A raised bunk bed allows dressers and shelves to sit comfortably under the beds, occasionally allowing a third roommate when the house is filled beyond capacity. The name selection is rather self-explanatory.

6 - The Nose

While one of the smallest rooms in the house, the space is efficiently allocated with two lofted beds and a quaint window looking North. Known as Armpit prior to 2012, this room is legendary for cultivating wonderful aromas. An intimate line from armpit to nose. It is named the Nose after the last name of Joseph LaNasa, who lived in the room for the majority of his stay at UCU.

7 - HUB

This room is not for the faint of heart, located on the second floor of the busy North-East corner of the house. If there is not a party in the HUB, there will likely be a party across the street in either the Beta house or the Sigma Nu house across the street. As one of the larger rooms, it was determined that a bit of closet space could be used to store the house router, resulting in the esteemed name of HUB.

Legend has it that if you turn off all the lights in HUB at midnight, raise your arms and chant the true name of The Lord of Sassafras and Sarsaparilla three times under the light of a full moon, you can still faintly smell the sickly-sweet aroma of homemade root beer wafting from the carpet.

8 - Studio

A medium sized room with lofted beds that connect at the foot of the bed. A 'secret' storage closet is discretely hidden on the northern end of the room, and has been nicknamed 'Narnia'. Girls are not permitted to enter Narnia. Contrary to its former name, Icebox, this room can be quite toasty as long as the windows remain shut. The name was originally given as two roommates chose to leave their windows open for an entire winter quarter, resulting in a rather icy experience. The room was renamed to Studio by Carson Baker, who lived in the room for 8 quarters between 2010 and 2014. It is named Studio both after Carson's architecture work, and his music production under the label BΛKES•STUDIO on Soundcloud.

9 - Closet

The perfect solution of agoraphobia, this is the smallest room in house. Conveniently located at the top of the stairway, this room attracts passing visitors like a magnet. With a clear sight into the women's stairwell, this room proves as an essential lookout during pranks. The name has been cleverly assigned due to the feeling that you are living in a closet.

10 - Presidential

A more historic room cannot be found in the rich history of the house (excluding the phone closet). This larger room is seated comfortably on the middle South-West corner of the house, making it an oasis of quiet at the mercy of only the women's house and the neighboring church. A giant American flag was one painted across an entire wall, with a framed Declaration of Independence always keeping watch from the opposing wall. While the flag was painted over, history can still be relived after a 2013 discovery of a time capsule in the door frame, holding such gems as Seattle Sonics tickets. The name was given its roots as house laws used to dictate that the President and Vice-President student officers were once guaranteed this room by tradition.

11 - Valhalla

One of the most highly valued rooms in the house, this second floor suite is situated along the path to the third floor, attracting regular visitors. A nice view of the quiet north-west corner provides ample sunlight and a view of various activities on the street corner. This room used to be called Dawg Pound.

12 - Krypt

This massive sequence of rooms links four spaces typically comprised of a study room, bedroom, closet and hidden cubby. A personal bathroom with the only bathtub is shared only by visiting women when necessary. The basement is a mysterious world of it's own, separated by all other rooms by the vast first floor. Strong friendships are formed in the forges of this seclusion, while residents keep one another entertained in the only four person room in the house. However, some may say the room name is indicative of the social lives of all who venture here.

House Tenants

1914-1919: Phi Kappa Psi
1935-Present: UCU

House Photos

Each year during the Fall Quarter, students dress up for a house picture. Many of these pictures are on display in the TV room of the Men's House.



















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